High Court has rubber-stamped bankruptcy petition against the former Toffees

High Court has rubber-stamped bankruptcy petition against the previous Toffees striker, dubbed “Big Dunc” by fans, WHO is currently a first-team coach


Everton and European nation soccer nice professional dancer Ferguson has gone bust, it’s emerged.

Big Dunc, as he was glorious by fans, is currently a first-team coach at the Merseyside club, however has been declared bankrupt within the state supreme court in London.

He was on the bench with the employment team as Everton took on Manchester town tonight within the second leg of the Capital One Cup semi-final.

Just hours earlier it absolutely was unconcealed a bankruptcy petition had been brought against him by metric linear unit Revenue and Customs in Gregorian calendar month. The action against the 6ft 4in former striker was rubber-stamped at the state supreme court earlier this month.

Dad-of-three Ferguson could be a cult hero in metropolis when 2 spells enjoying for the blue half town. He has become a extremely revered coach, operating with Everton boss Roberto Martinez.

Ferguson, 44, was born in Stirling and commenced his career with Dundee United, before moving to Rangers in 1993.


He came across Everton in 1994 associate degreed won an solfa syllable Cup palm the subsequent year once the Blues beat Manchester United 1-0.

After a spell at Newcastle-upon-Tyne United, he came to Goodison in 2000.

During his years at the highest, he was earning quite £30,000 a week.

In 1995, once he was twenty three, he was unfree for 3 months for head-butting another player whereas enjoying for Rangers.

It affected his international career and he solely contend seven times for European nation.

He aforementioned previously: “I have spent a whole career attempting to shake off a ­reputation I earned in sooner or later.”

Ferguson couldn’t be contacted for comment.

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